Our values

Committed, reliable and loyal; our three core values are second nature for us. These values show who we are, how we work, how we deal with you as a customer and how we work with our manufacturing partners. In brief, they show where we stand in society as an organisation.

Our dedication, reliability and loyalty have made us who we are: a market leader in packaging for the agricultural industry and FIBCs (big bags/jumbo bags). We are proud of this accomplishment.



When you work with LC Packaging, you will meet dedicated employees. We put 100 percent into our work, with just one goal: to make you, the customer, happy.



As a customer, you can always count on us. Whatever happens. We will solve any challenges that we face together;– we guarantee this, together with our reliable employees.



We are not only loyal to you as our customer, but also to our suppliers (we like to call them ‘production partners’). We have been working with some companies for over fifty years.

Supporting your products

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