Our advantages

Consistent quality
We have been building strong relationships with our manufacturing partners for ninety years. We have been working closely with some of them for fifty years. In addition, we also have our own manufacturing locations. This means that you are guaranteed consistently high quality for your agricultural packaging.

Seasonal flexibility
Aside from the high quality, you are also assured of a constant supply. Even at seasonal peak times. We know the hectic pace of your business and can respond to this in a flexible way thanks to our 70,000 m²+ storage space in Europe.

Just-in-time delivery
Thanks to our 25 cardboard box-erecting stations and printing locations in Europe, you can place your orders for just-in-time deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should the regional stocks unexpectedly be depleted, then we can fall back on the stocks of our 15 foreign subsidiaries.

Market knowledge
Ninety years of experience is quite something. In that time, LC Packaging often played a pioneering role in the introduction of new agricultural packaging; always in consultation with our customers. Through our network of subsidiaries, manufacturing locations and customers, we share and discuss market information and new ideas. In this way, we think that we can offer you more than just a product.

Excellent service
Your success is our success. That is why we always go the extra mile wherever needed. All of our employees in Europe or Africa are ready to support you in the optimisation of your operations, where high quality and punctually delivered packaging play an important part.


Supporting your products

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