Our advantages

FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. FIBCs are also known as big bags, bulk bags or jumbo bags. The following is a brief summary of why we are your best partner for the design, distribution and delivery of your FIBC.

  • We can provide you with customised FIBCs (big bags/jumbo bags) for every industry
  • We guarantee the consistent high quality of your FIBCs
  • Thanks to our own manufacturing locations, we can cater to your needs and deliver from our stock
  • We have an extensive international network, including storage facilities
  • You can use the extensive knowledge that our account managers have about your market
  • We have all the necessary quality certificates, including a very prestigious one
  • You can have all of your FIBCs reconditioned by us
  • We are a sound company (with a healthy balance sheet), meaning that we can be your long-term partner
  • In brief: we keep your industry going

FIBCs for every industry
Do you operate in the (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry? We can supply you with the right big bag for every application. Moreover we modify the FIBCs especially to suit your filling ’and discharge system. The dimensions, the filling and discharge systems and the lifting loops are always custom-built. Especially for our food and pharmaceutical customers, all of our FIBCs satisfy the relevant HACCP certifications.

Consistent quality
In every delivery of our FIBCs (big bags) you receive the same high quality, with the same specifications. We can guarantee such consistent quality thanks to the long and close relationship that we have established with our production partners. We know that we can expect the best from them.

Our own manufacturing locations
We have our own manufacturing locations in Asia and Africa. All of these locations are certified and the FIBCs meet the highest safety standards. Your own FIBCs are deliverable from stock immediately upon request.

International network
With over fifteen branches and more than 70,000 m² of storage across Europe and Africa, LC Packaging is one of the world's largest FIBC organisations.

The extensive knowledge of our account managers
Every branch of LC Packaging has its own FIBC experts with knowledge of your industry. LC Packaging International supports all of our local branches from its head office in the Netherlands. Using the most cutting edge information systems, all countries are connected with each other in real time. In that way, we guarantee you fast and efficient service.

Responsible manufacturing and certification
‘Our word is our bond’ has been our motto since 1923. We strive to achieve a sustainable relationship with our employees, manufacturing partners and customers and we feel responsible for the welfare of our local manufacturin­g employees. We are proud, therefore, that we are ééone of the few FIBC­ manufacturers that have been awarded quality certificates that correspond to modern corporate social responsibility. The most prestigious of our certificates is the SA 8000 certificate earned by our FIBC factory in Bangladesh. This is the leading global standard for corporate social responsibility, based on international conventions. In this way we guarantee health and safety and good working ­conditions and we also rule out child labour, forced labour and discrimination.

Reconditioning FIBCs
LC Packaging makes a unique contribution to reducing waste streams. The FIBCs that you order are 100% recyclable. In addition, we can also recondition your used FIBCs. We pick up the used FIBCs at your site and handle cleaning and inspection. The strict procedures that we adhere to while providing this service offer you the advantage of safe reuse of your FIBC, lower packaging costs and a sustainable manner of working.

Supporting your products

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